‘Indias thrust on organic farming could tackle food insecurity, migration’

ROME: Alternative methods of farming, such as organic farming, introduced by the Indian government in several states is the right strategy to tackle food insecurity, improving nutrition and alleviating poverty in the country, Gilbert F Houngbo, the president of the International Fund for Agricultural development (IFAD), said here on Tuesday while announcing a target contribution of USD 3.5 billion in loans and grants by IFAD for developing countries.
In December 2017, when I was in India I saw the plans laid out by the Indian ministry of agriculture for various agricultural schemes PM Narendra Modi has launched. I do believe organic farming is one of the right strategies that can be used to fight food insecurity, improve nutrition and alleviate poverty in India. In fact, the right approach to farming and non-farming activities could be the answer to economic migration, Houngbo told TOI on the sidelines of the forty-first session of the IFAD Governing Council.