Individuals or Organisations working for promotion of Organic Food, Farming and Lifestyle in different States of India with similar aims and objectives as OFAI can after approval become a member of the Association. We believe that once you are part of this growing family, you should be ready to volunteer your time/ efforts/ money for your satisfaction and growing this movement. In return you get information and invites to different organic events (Kisan Haats, Seed Festivals, Tuber festival, etc) across India. One such Legacy of the Association is the Biennial OFAI Convention that happens after every two years in a different state, giving a common platform for knowledge exchange between all stakeholders of the organic value chain with expert organic farmers at the forefront. You also get connected to different field/ exposure visits to the expert organic farmers across India. In addition, you will be involved in the regular training programmes, workshops and the new upcoming marketing venture of the Association.

a) Individual  Members: INR 100/ Yr
INR 1000/ ten yrs

b) Organisational Members: INR 1000/ Yr
INR 10,000/ ten yrs

Membership fee or the renewal fee can be deposited only after approval from the Association. Kindly fill in the Application Form for the Membership and send it to [email protected] or post it to the postal address given in application form. Approval email will be sent to you with the Bank details to deposit the membership fees.