The organic farming community is huge. Every State of the Indian Union has hundreds of organic farmers. Under this section you will find data on organic farms taken from the Organic Farming Sourcebook. The increasing output from such farms has led to the opening of hundreds of “Green Shops” all over the country, most of which are listed State-wise under “Organic Stores”. You can also discover links to other organic farming websites, a green curriculum, and finally, technical information on various aspects of organic farming.

  • Organic Farms

    Now you can access all the information on organic farms that has appeared within the covers of the Organic Farming Sourcebook. The farmers are organized state-wise. You can help and add to this section by sending us information about farmers who you know about but are missing here.

  • Organic Directories

    Now latest updated organic directories are available for your access and use. It contains contact details of farmers practicing organic farming, sellers selling organic farm produce and resource agencies/ persons promoting organic farming in different states of India. This information was last updated on the occasion of 5th National Biennial Organic farming Convention held in Chandigarh in February 2015.

  • Organic Stores

    Literally hundreds of stores and shops now stock organic food. You can find individual shops in your area state-wise. Support organic agriculture by frequenting Green Shops. Look after your health, buy only organic!

  • Organic Farming Books and Resources

  • Organic Farming Articles of Interest

  • Reports of Organic Events

    Status of organic framing, reports of workshops organised by OFAI, its State-level secretariats, members and others from the organic farming community.

  • Organic Farming Policies

  • Organic Farming Videos

  • Organic Farming Information (Indian languages)