Organic Mahotsav 2019 is the 7th in series of the popular biennial conventions held by the Organic Farming Association of India. The event is being held in Udaipur (Rajasthan) at Shilpgram from 29th November to 1st December, 2019.

The convention provides a platform for organic farmers from all over India to share, learn and grow. Renowned scientists, policy makers, seed savers, innovators come together to bring the developments in organic farming to a common platform – the ultimate goal being growth of our farmers while also replenishing our natural resources.

As a new initiative this year, we are involving consumers who have been supporting, as a part of the organic movement. Awareness and involvement of the youth in organic agriculture at every level is a key focus area. A youth incubation program will be developed to promote innovative ideas in the field of organic farming.


1. Seed Biodiversity Festival – Seed is the basic input and lifeline of agriculture. Local farming communities have preserved, shared and reused their diverse indigenous seed varieties over generations. The festival will bring together seed savers, organic farmers and farmer breeders from all over the country with the motto of promoting our Desi (indigenous) varieties for nutritious and productive crops.
More than 200 Seed savers from all over India will participate with more than 4000 across grains , pulses, rice, vegetables, fruits, tubers etc.

2. Go-Dhan model – A Model cow project displaying uses of cows in organic agriculture. Workshops and displays on production of value added products using cow dung and cow urine like bricks , Vedic plaster etc . The event will also show biodiversity among cows and other livestocks from all over India.

3. Farm Demonstrations – Special plots will be prepared with the practical help of farmers and scientists, showing how crops can be grown using organic techniques. An exhibition from various groups from across states will showcase their techniques & activities related to organic farming. Genuine and certified input providers for organic farming will display their farmer-friendly products. A demo space for medicinal plants and their uses will also be prepared.

4. Kissan Haat – This space will allow consumers to know and procure authentic organic produce directly from producers as well as interact with them. It opens up marketing opportunities for all the organic producers selling farm produce and value added products.

5. Innovation arena – Innovations of equipments, implements and organic technologies will be open for display and discussion. Each project will contribute to our food and clothing value chain and also provide a platform for the innovators to reach a larger audience. Also a rare opportunity to discuss with awarded organic farmers from all over the country.

6. Agri-preneur start-up camp – A program for guiding and motivating young entrepreneurs. Amplifying their ideas into successful models through inputs and training.

7. Cultural Programs – Every evening of the convention will be unique and celebratory, with special kinds of cultural programs related to organic farming & food.

8. Various workshops, exhibitions and live demonstrations – Workshops and demonstrations on topic like urban gardening, natural dyeing, soil health, to enable exchange of knowledge and provide interactive learning for all.

9. Gaba – Exhibition on seed to fashion – Gaba – exhibition on seed to fabric is a unique show featuring desi cotton clothing dyed using natural materials. Organic Farming Association of India (OFAI) is collaborating with designers, to create clothing which is easily accessible and wearable in everyday life.
The show focuses on promoting showing the value chain of desi cotton from farmer to consumer. Bringing slow and sustainable clothing into the mainstream and spreading awareness.

The program includes a show, interactive displays with fabrics and clothing, a networking session and an organic marketplace.

Date -30 November, 2019

10. Aai ki Handi- Organic Food Festival – A one of its kind food festival serving delicious organic food from all over the country. The goal is to reconnect urban consumers with healthy food traditions. This Organic Food Festival will treat the consumers’ taste buds to traditional, nutritious and diverse organic foods. This would help us to reconnect with our rich food heritage.

Date -1 December, 2019

11. International Film Festival on food and farming – National and international films on various subjects like conservation of natural resources, organic and eco-friendly lifestyle, food safety, success stories of organic farmers will be screened in a Film Festival.

Date -1 December, 2019


  • Promoting organic as lifestyle with all basic components, food, clothing and zero waste living Highlight the importance of organic farming for our future.
  • Involving and engaging consumers around organic agriculture and traditional food practices.
  • Build a strong network of people from the grassroots level to the final consumers.
  • Awareness and involvement of the youth in organic agriculture at every level.