The Organic Farming Association of India (OFAI) was set up by the seniormost members of India’s organic farming community in the year 2002. The association was primarily set up to promote organic farming, lobby with government agencies and departments to pay more attention to sustainable agriculture, and assist farmers using chemicals and pesticides to convert successfully to organic farming methods.

OFAI is currently involved in the marketing of the organic produce and its value added products to support farmers in different states of India. This is a decentralised state initiative to have a joint venture between the consumers and the farmers in each state.

OFAI today remains the only membership-based national association of organic farmers, organic farming promoters and green stores. By charter, the President of the association will always be an organic farmer. The association will also strive to ensure gender equality in all its activities. It campaigns actively against the introduction of genetically modified organisms and seeds in India’s agriculture.

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Organic Certification and Labelling Scheme

Intercontinental Network of Organic Farming Organisations (INOFO)

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Fifth Biennial Organic Convention Chandigarh Punjab 2015