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Monsanto secretly campaigning for GM food crops in Gujarat: BKS

Bharatiya Kisan Sangh (BKS) on Wednesday, 14th March 2012, alleged that Monsanto was secretly running a signature campaign in rural Gujarat, where it is asking farmers to sign a letter to Prime Minister favouring introduction of genetically modified (GM) food crops. The apex body of farmers further alleged the US-based firm had hired local youth […]

Monsanto shuns GM

GM Food>> Monsanto • UK Issue: Mar 15, 2012 Genetically modified food is banned at a canteen of its biggest producer Monsanto. Granada Group, which runs the canteen at Monsanto’s pharmaceuticals factory at High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, serves only GM-free meal, says a report by The Independent. Granada Group said it had decided to remove GM […]

Organic Karnataka

India: Agro-biodiversity benefits from organic production The preservation of indigenous crop strains, a strong political will and a movement towards organic farming were the subjects for a discussion on agro biodiversity that took place at the Vasundhara International Film Festival this week. A group of seven farmers from various parts of the country exhibited organically […]

H.H. Yogrishi Swami Ramdev Inauguration

Annadana Seed Bank, Tuesday  Dec 6th 2011, Bangalore The Annadana Seed Bank was inaugurated and blessed by H.H. Yogrishi Swami Ramdev at Ishana in Gopathi farms today. The first of its kind in Bangalore, the core objective of Annadana Seed Bank is “Annam bahu kurvita” which translates to “Multiply the grain manifold,” ensuring an abundance of […]

Tribunal indicts six firms for violating people’s rights

Deccan Chronicle December 07, 2011 Bangalore: The four-day-long (December 3-6) Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT) on Agrochemical Transnational Corporations has indicted six big international agro-chemical companies for poisoning, violation of the right to health, life, food, livelihood, civil and political rights and violation of women’s and children’s rights. The PPT on Agrochemical TNCs is organised by […]

Himachal cabinet grants approval to eco-friendly organic farming policy

Punjab Newsline Network Friday, 02 December 2011 CHANDIGARH:Himachal Pradesh cabinet in its meeting held here on Friday granted approval to the eco-friendly organic farming policy to benefit small, medium and large farmers, by making efficient use of local and renewable resources, improve fertility of the soil, maximize circulation of plant nutrients and motivate farmers to avoid […]

India: Killer Spray

India’s pesticide industry is worth billions of dollars, but it has caused major health problems in some communities The Green Revolution swept across India in the 1960s and 1970s, changing it from a nation begging for food aid to a top cotton and grain producer. But ‘Green’ did not refer to organic farming. Instead, politicians, […]

A non-chemical green revolution

By promoting organic farming, this organization (Navdanya) hopes to help Indian farmers become self-sufficient By Rudraneil Sengupta. Fri, Oct 21 2011 Thakur Das, 62, sifts through unhusked grains of basmati on the terrace of his two-storeyed house on the outskirts of Dehradun. The floor of the terrace is a carpet of gold—his rice harvest […]